The British Collective

More than just music, it's a movement!


Saturday, 23rd February 2019
45 Poole Hill,

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The outstanding new single ‘So Ready’ from The British Collective is here.

A smooth ballad that oozes Neo-Soul and R&B flavours with stellar vocals from these authentic Godfathers of British Soul… Don-E, Junior, Noel McKoy and Omar.

The Renaissance continues…

Our Journey

True soul never leaves you, it just has to be rediscovered.


Our Purpose
To put the soul back into British R&B and keep it there.

Our Manifesto
Love togetherness, respect and integrity in large portions.

Our Mediums
Music, videography, the written word and your experience.

Our Voices
Don-e, Junior, LeeeJohn, Noel McKoy, Omar and Special Guests.

Our Challenge
We live in times, where image has replaced substance, profanity guises as love and relationships begin and end in a heartbeat. But, it wasn’t always like that. We recall a time when love was an everyday currency and music was its carrier. When, families, friends and community celebrated common values that gave us a sense of belonging. When the melodies of the day were directly linked to who we were, are and could be. Was that an era gone by? We don’t think so.

That time is here again, that time is now.

The British Collective
“More than just music, it’s a movement!”